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William and Mary Summer Session for Rising Seniors

The College of William and Mary

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Each summer William & Mary offers about 180 courses, primarily in Arts & Sciences, in summer sessions directed from the main campus and from Washington, D.C. In summer 2020, the courses are offered either entirely online (and designated "online course" in the catalog) or as a blend of methods delivered through remote learning.

Classes are open to all current W&M students. Others may apply through the Registrar’s Office or Admission Office (see below) to take classes as "non-degree-seeking" students, and then transfer the credits to their home institutions or convert them to W&M credits if they eventually transfer. Please note that non-degree-seeking students are not eligible to take certain online courses at W&M.

Summer classes are excellent ways to:

Fulfill COLL Curriculum requirements, proficiencies (including the Foreign Language proficiency), prerequisite courses, and/or major or minor requirements
Explore new fields of study
Prepare for future career paths
Pursue a part-time class schedule that allows for work and/or research
Graduate early

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