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Blue Devil Connections


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Blue Devil Connections represent some of the most socially and scientifically relevant topics and conversations taking place in universities today. These intensive courses provide you with an intellectual community of peers during two, fast-paced weeks. While accelerated in pace, Blue Devil Connections allow you to dive into a topic of interest typically not available in a traditional high school curriculum. This year Duke Pre-College courses will incorporate the theme of “resilience in evolving times.” Learn how academic communities at Duke and beyond embrace resilience through innovative ideas, research, and practice.

Blue Devil Connections were inspired by Duke’s House Courses, student-developed and student-led courses that serve as a bridge between academic and residential life at Duke. Blue Devil Connections similarly aim to inspire you to be a leader, problem-solver, and creative voice for your peers. When you launch into a Blue Devil Connections course, you connect with the thrilling intellectual life at Duke!

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