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College Student

New England Suzuki Institute

Colby College

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The New England Suzuki Institute (NESI) provides a week of musical immersion for children of all ages and their families. NESI began in 1989 and is one of the oldest Suzuki Institutes in America. It is dedicated to the philosophy and teachings of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki: to nurture each student’s character through the beauty and study of music and the pursuit of excellence. Through this character building, we further his vision for world peace. Dr. Suzuki discovered that children can learn to play music the way they learn to speak, by immersion in sound, repetition of musical patterns, and playing by ear before they learn to read. NESI is open to students of violin, viola, cello, piano and guitar who study with a Suzuki teacher. The Rising Artist Program, for students of a higher level of proficiency, is open to students who have learned through the Suzuki Method or a traditional method. Special evening activities are available for family participation as well as a separate set of events for teen participants.

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Arts & Humanities



1 week

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