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BU Summer Challenge Seminars

Boston University

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Boston University’s Summer Challenge remote seminars allow you to engage in a high level of learning and achievement with other high school students—without focusing on grades. Choosing two noncredit seminars, you’ll participate in lectures, discussions, individual and group work, project-based assignments, and virtual field trips. Small class sizes ensure ample attention from experienced college instructors as you meet the challenges of college-level study. Each seminar culminates in a final class presentation.

All seminars are held synchronously, and students will participate together, live, during local Boston time (EDT). For summer 2021 only, students may enroll in a special session, Summer Challenge 2a: Evening. This session offers eight seminar options during a schedule designed to accommodate synchronous learning at alternative times. No matter which session you enroll in, you must select and attend two seminars.

Following the conclusion of your Summer Challenge session(s), a certificate of completion and letters of evaluation from both seminar instructors will be provided to you.

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